Current Project: 

Persephone: A musical feature film

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’  

A modern, urban musical retelling of the Persephone myth; a search for identity and truth, and the journeys a mother and daughter must take to truly find themselves and each other.

Watch a selection of songs from a studio session

Watch a selection of songs from a studio session



Present day.  Luton.  The Marsh Farm estate.  Demeter is a single mother, living in a tower block and struggling to bring up her daughter, Persephone.  Quiet and withdrawn, Demeter has a dark secret – a past that she has buried.  Persephone is a teenager – growing up and starting to rebel against her overprotective mother.  She falls for Aeris - a young man with a dubious background, who hangs out with a gang on the estate.  Aeris betrays Persephone to his uncle - the criminal, Hades.  He kidnaps her and she is forced to work in his nightclub, ‘The Underground.’   Hades decides that he wants Persephone for himself.  She is the one.  She will be his bride.  Time is running out.  Demeter must face her past and rediscover her inner strength to save her daughter.

 The Project  

A music theatre project, involving local people as actors

Persephone is a feature film musical.  It is a contemporary retelling of the Greek myth, Persephone, and the journey that a mother must make to save her daughter. 

  • It will be filmed entirely in Luton - on Marsh Farm and the surrounding area.  
  • The cast will be made up of local people - actors, musicians, singers and dancers of all ages and backgrounds.  
  • We are looking for local people to work in all areas of production, such as camera, set design.  
  • We will collaborate with local musicians, to develop the sound track for the film.  The film is a musical and we will draw upon different cultural influences in the arrangements of the songs.  
  • We will involve young people, particularly from local secondary schools and youth groups – such as the performing arts specialist secondary school, Leigh Manor High School, situated on the Marsh Farm Estate.  
  • We will also involve existing local community groups and singers, such as Luton Gospel Choir and Next Generation Youth Theatre.